The importance of urine tests

The most common tool a doctor will use to diagnose their patient is a urine sample. A urine sample can point to both basic and complex health problems and is a lot easier and safer for patients than blood tests.

A urine test can help to diagnose cancers, diabetes, problems during pregnancy, and many more common health problems.

The problem with our urine test system

Every year, around 65 million urine samples are tested. Around 14.6 million of these will be contaminated because we don’t provide doctors and scientists with a set of guidelines for collecting urine samples. That’s 1 in 4 patients who are receiving an incorrect diagnosis and the wrong treatment.

The solution

We are calling on the Government to provide a set of standards, what doctors call a ‘protocol’, that will be used every time a urine sample is taken. This should bring an end to urine sample tests providing incorrect results.

We believe this will save the NHS millions of pounds. There would be no more need for retests or repeat appointments, no more prescribing expensive medicines that don’t help the patient, and no more cancelled operations.

Sign the petition today and ask the government to produce new standards for how urine samples are given.

“It seems wasteful that so much time, money and resources is being squandered on bad sample collection and the need for re-testing as this has a profound effect on patients as well as the NHS. If we can get it right first time, it would not only save the NHS millions, but improve patient care for all of us."

Louise de Winter, CEO, The Urology Foundation

"We are proud to support the MUST campaign to raise much needed awareness of the amount of unreliable, contaminated urine specimens that are collected every day in the UK. We hope the MUST Campaign will lead to a future where all pregnant women can receive the correct diagnosis and treatment from their urine sample.”

Heidi Eldridge, CEO, MAMA Academy

"The team at BHUK take many calls on our Advice Line from people suffering from painful, debilitating bladder problems that are routed in poor or slow diagnosis. Evidence is stacking up that something can be done about this and we are glad to be part of a campaign that is giving the patient a voice."

Suzanne Evans, CEO, Bladder Health UK

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