Thank you to everyone who has signed the petition so far ... and here are some of the reasons behind your support:


I'm signing because I have finally just been diagnosed with a chronic bladder infection I've had for almost 11 years because doctors relied on inadequate urine dip-stick tests which always showed a negative result."

"There are vested interests (sample testing laboratories) who are happy with the status quo because they can make £millions from the NHS. Alternative ways of collection would significantly reduce the need for re-testing and save much needed funds for the NHS


"As another mesh tvt victim antibiotics were thrown at me like smarties and nodtboc the time it was the tvt irritating my urethra. Side effects from too many antibiotics are dangerous too. Accurate testing and correct diagnosis would save the NHS millions


"I get a lot of urine infections, at least one of which lead to sepsis due to lack of symptoms and it’s hard to believe there’s no standard for collecting samples. It’s such a basic thing that would make a huge difference!"


"Having suffered with UTIs for over 24 years and then being diagnosed with small cell bladder cancer that had spread, I wonder if I had been taken more seriously instead of just throwing antibiotics at me!"


"I’m a medical microbiologist and this is a very necessary and timely petition."


"We all need accurate test results to get better treatment & better quality of life"

"I've suffered with chronic Uti's and often have to wait a long time to receive results back from the lab or they come back inconclusive and I have to send another one. This delays treatment and means I end up in more pain and can't carry out simple tasks in my everyday life. I can't tell you how happy I would be if this petition received enough signatures to be brought up in Parliament."


"I'm signing because I've spent 12 years in pain due to poor urine testing and that is NOT acceptable. Things should change so no one else has to go through what I have."

"Since having the TVT operation I have suffered from many UTI, therefore I feel that testing should be accurate"

"Accurate test results are the difference between quality of life or sepsis and death with surgical mesh patients"

"I am, quite frankly, totally appalled that this should be the case. No excuse!"

"My husband is giving samples because of bladder trouble, and does not want a wrong diagnosis"

"I constantly have to give urine samples and not comfortable having to do it in the GPS toilets."

"Signing on behalf of my mum who is sadly plagued by bladder problems, in the hope that it is not a hereditary condition... and with more accurate and reliable testing, some of the unnecessary discomfort can be removed"

"My Interstitial cystitis has been misdiagnosed for over 30 years and urine samples returned as 'no infection' despite having severe symptoms. Samples have been incorrectly taken, 'lost' or kept too long before testing, rendering them useless. Each time I have been admitted to hospital the Urologist stresses how important it is to have a fresh, uncontaminated sample, yet it never happens if it's sent via the GP. I am now resistant to many antibiotics, having been regularly prescribed the wrong ones and kept on a prophylactic dose for 10 years. The dipstick test favoured by GPs in the surgery is usually inaccurate and they rely far to heavily on this. There are no words to describe the pain and misery of interstitial cystitis."


"The present urine analysis protocol have failed me and thousands of others. Repeated analysis has shown no bacteria in the urine despite having severe symptoms. After years of suffering recurring symptoms I have now been found to have an embedded infection in the bladder."

"I have been left with a chronic urine infection that was missed using current testing methods. This was nearly 5 years ago. My condition is now very difficult to treat, has affected my ability to work, my relationship with my husband and has impaired my ability to be a ‘hands on’ fully functioning mum to my two children. Please share and sign."

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