Clementine - A Patient's Story


Nine-year old Clementine suffered her first UTI at the age of three; these became recurrent and finally chronic.  The results from urine cultures did not diagnose her infections or determine correct course of treatment.  As her mother Alison Taylor continues:


“I would be given a small plastic bottle and told to catch a sample of my daughter’s urine, if possible from the mid-stream flow and hand the bottle back to the receptionist. No one told me how to take the sample to ensure a clean catch, to make sure it wasn’t contaminated by external genitalia, how to store the sample, the most effective time of day to collect the urine or that dilute urine would affect results.


To say the results were hit and miss is an understatement.  Results would come back negative for infection or with a “mixed weak growth” or “no action required” despite Clementine having symptoms of a UTI and a raised temperature. I’ve since discovered that weak mixed growth is considered a sign of contamination from the genital area and that the Lab wouldn’t look any further assuming it was contaminated.”


 After much personal research, Alison found a specialist in UTI who provided clear instructions for obtaining a sample. Once the sample reached the private laboratory it was cultured for a longer period of time than is current practice, enabling the correct diagnosis to be reached and allowing Clementine to be receive appropriate treatment.


It took three years during which time Clementine suffered from lack of energy, lack of sleep, significant pain and discomfort and time off school.   Fortunately, she is now enjoying life again to the full.

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